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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Promotional Support and consultation for authors

NOTE: Please pardon our dust! We are still putting together the promotional site so there is work to be done! We will have it perfect soon! Hope you will join us again!

AGENT 101 Class MAY 8th!!
Sell yourself and your book!

$50 - Email for details!

Hire your own personal consultant for a one month!
Every need at your service! Jump start your career! Your agent search!
Your newsgroup! All included!
Email for the flat fee


4 days of your own consultant....where are you in your career and how do you take it to the next level?! to register
Starts May 18th

Special Guest for the Red Hot Class Include:

-Vintage Press talks about how they have gotten into Borders and how an author can too! They will talk about submissions and what they are looking for!
-Whispers Publishing talks about their new print anthologies and the new horizons authors can find with their house!
-Roberto Harrison gives self editing tips
-Noveltalk tells you all about their site
-Moonglade Designs talks about website enhancements
-The amazing Frauke is consulting on maximizing your site and all kinds of design work!
-The Romance Studio tells you about their wonderful community

Promotional Support and consultation for authors

My name is Lisa Renee Jones, and I am both a writer and a promoter! Two years ago, I started the FIRST internet promotions service. The vision I had when I did this was not to send out promos on loops or simply stick authors’ names on my website. The vision was about taking authors’ dreams and helping them step to the next level. This means different things for different people. I consider myself the middle man to authors. The person who can offer career planning from branding to finding an agent, to promoting in hopes of make the next advance a bigger one. All of these things are strategic moves that must be handled with thought out actions.

Now I have the good fortune of working with Theresa Meyers of Blue Moon Communications. Visit her site at

The key thing I teach authors is to be the CEO of their writing career. To treat this as a business!

Interested in working with myself or Theresa? Visit Blue Moon for more on rates. In general, billing is done at an hourly rate, and we usually work on up front estimation. We do have monthly fees if you want to keep us on board as consultants. Again visit for more detail OR

To hire us simply email me at: or call 512-947-9717

We also teach classes to help you learn how to do a lot of this stuff yourself! I will keep the site updated as I schedule these!

Some of the services we offer include:


-Review agent proposal and give summary overview and suggestions

-Review agent proposal and help put it in final form minus line edit

-Line edit services of proposal - I contract this out but I can get it done cheap and proof the work for formatting and such myself!

-List of top ten agents suggested for proposal or more!

-Send out to agents for you

-Marketing plan for internet - does or does not include site review(You don't need someone to do this for! Spend the money on advertising unless you are also getting consulting services with this!)

-30 day newsletter consultation to jump start group growth,which will include setting up contests and posting. Monthly group mgt available for an extra fee.

-And more! Ask if you don't see it here and in talking with clients I often find I can help decide WHAT they need!


My newsletter has grown in leaps and bounds since signing with Authorsredroom. Lisa Renee Jones is a marketing genius. Her ideas are innovative and clever, her graphics are eye catching, and she is such a pleasure to work with. This is one class you won't want to miss.
Cathryn Fox, AVON author

"With the promotional advice Lisa Renee Jones offered, my mailing list has grown by leaps and bounds, and I've been able to reach readers in ways I never would have thought of on my own."
--Heidi Betts, bestselling author of WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN (Silhouette Desire #1686)

"My newsletter has grown 650 people since I started working with Lisa."
-Delilah Devlin, Avon and Ellora's Cave


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